What to do when life doesn’t go as planned!

Have you ever had a big plan for your year and then it all goes sideways?

Well that’s what happened to me. That’s why I have been MIA for months (maybe you didn’t even notice because your life has gone sideways too). Though truly I hope that life is going amazingly for you. 

The past year I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my life and my business, I the past year I have gone deep in personal development and growth.   Health coaching just didn’t seem to resonate any longer. I wanted more and I wanted to give more to you, and my coaching clients.  I just knew there was more for us than losing weight and health coaching.  Yes, health is so important, if you don’t have your health it’s hard to look towards the future.  I know there IS something more to strive for.  

In January, I was ready to roll out something new.  I was so gung-ho to get started, though every time I went to move forward something would derail me.  It didn’t derail me in a bad way, it was in a growing way. I would listen to a podcast or talk with a friend and a topic would come up around personal growth and clearing the little t’s (little traumas) from my childhood.  I would listen to the intuitive nudges to get the books and I would dive deep into the exercises.  I’d get through that and then something else would come up to clear.  At times is was very emotional and I just didn’t have the band with to do anything except my own self care.  

I had asked for growth, so I really can’t complain that I got my wish.  You know the saying ” What you think about your bring about” I  just didn’t think it would go on for 10 months.  

I feel like I’m ready again to move forward, though I am taking it slow and listening to the intuitive hits I get about what the next step is.

We are all learning to find our way with this new normal, in light of the Pandemic.   I believe that many are looking for something more for their lives.  And many are wanting to grow, let go of childhood wounds and limiting beliefs.

If you too are going through a personal growth spurt and you are feeling discombobulated remember to be gentle with yourself.

If you are feeling emotional, feel the feelings and let them go. I always say “better out than in”. Some of the feelings might be really uncomfortable though not letting them go causes more pain, not only emotionally but physically.  Holding on to emotions cause physical pain in the body.  99% of all physical issues start out as emotions that haven’t been worked through. They then become trapped emotions that cause physical pain and can hold you back in your life without you even knowing. 

Journaling is always good way to get things out of your head and out of your body.  There is something about pen to paper that opens up a different dialog with yourself, then if you just think about things.  Once you start writing you will be amazed what comes out on paper.  For me solutions and awarenesses  show up that I had no idea were in my mind.

Take things slow and know that you don’t have to be there for everyone else if you are going through a rough patch. Set boundaries and take care of YOUR needs 1st. You will have more to give once you get through your challenge and you will be stronger for it.

Here are a few books that I’ve read I the last year that have had a huge impact on my life, so I thought I’d share them with you. 

1.  Home Coming by John Bradshaw
     Reclaiming and healing your inner child  (This was the most profound for me)

2.  The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D.

      Brain, mind, and body in the healing of trauma 
3.   I Am Enough by Marisa Peer
      Mark your mirror and change your life

4.  Tell Yourself a Better Lie by Marissa Peer
      Use the power of Rapid Transformational Therapy to edit your story and rewrite your life. 

5.   Decoding Your Emotional Blue Print by Judy Wilkins-Smith.
      A powerful guide to transformation through disentangling Multigenerational patterns 

Here’s to YOUR growth!