My experience with energy balancing had been quite limited before I started working with Angie, usually with local healers. While I was in visiting with Angie and some friends in Las Vegas, we had some time to discuss what we had been doing in the homeopathic area. I was fascinated to hear of Angie’s ongoing work in her energy practice.
I had been experiencing some loss of energy and Angie offered to do some energy scanning to see what was going on.
Within a few minutes she had identified half a dozen issues and then we decided to do some more extensive screening and balancing.
I experienced improvements very quickly. The most notable effect was a calming of my sleep pattern (which had been very erratic). Before I returned to the East Coast, I was sleeping much more soundly and as Angie explained, once your body starts to get back into balance, then everything starts to calm down and get back into more regular patterns.
Since then, I have worked with Angie on an ongoing basis (most of the time remotely) and my general level of health has improved significantly, even when I wasn’t aware that an issue existed. As well as the diagnosis and rebalancing, Angie has a lot of knowledge in many areas of alternative healing and when all these talents are combined, the results are truly impressive.
I would recommend Angie and her skills to anyone looking for answers that traditional Western doctors may not be able to provide, or in addition to their existing treatment, or in my case, as the primary source of help and assistance.
The major improvements I experienced were better ability to rest/sleep; more consistent energy levels during the day (less early morning crashes); and a general ability to deal with stress better.
If anyone has questions, please ask Angie for my info and I would be happy to chat.

Charles M. – Hollywood, FL