Angie has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to health and wellness. Her energetic body scan was absolutely amazing! There were a few issues that were happening when I came to Angie and one of them was I had recently sprained my ankle and was still experiencing pain from it. Immediately after our session the pain had gone away and I was able to flex my foot and walk on it without a problem!

There were several areas Angie discovered during the body scan that needed alignment and she was extremely helpful in educating me about these areas and pinpointing exactly what was causing the problems. After the clearing and balancing, I was extremely energized and very light in my body. Even during the session I can feel my body healing and releasing toxins. Over the next several days I continued to feel the effects of our session as I began achieving day by day more clarity, energy and focus because of all the toxins that had been released.

It’s such a true joy to work with Angie! She has so much passion for energy healing and is constantly keeping up with the latest techniques so that she can offer you the best care. You definitely will be impressed by her expertise and I highly recommend that you receive continuous energetic balancing from Angie to keep your body, mind and Spirit healthy, whole and happy!

Christina Ambubuyog
Intuition Coach and Clairvoyant
Las Vegas, NV

Christina Ambubuyog