My name is J and recently something happened that I felt a need to share with anyone that would listen. I’ve known Angie for several years now and been well aware of the Energetic Body Scan and Balancing that she has helped others with. Even though it seemed to help others I remained skeptical. That has all changed!! Let me back up a little. For the last 8 or 9 months I’ve been experiencing a great deal of pain in my feet and ankles. Like most guys I felt it was just something I was going to have to live with. Then the pain got so it was interrupting my life, it took longer to get around in the mornings. Work was more difficult. Even the drive home from work was painful.
I made an appointment with my family physician and thought I would soon be on the road to recovery. All I got was discouraged. The doctor took some x-rays and diagnosed me with Peripheral Neuropathy (over sensitive nerve endings is what I got out of it) and let’s put you on Lyrica for the rest of your life. This was not going to work for me so it was time to try something different. My Wife suggested we wall Angie.
In all the years I’ve known Angie I’ve always found her easy to talk with and very attentive and more so when trying to determine the best course of action to get me some relief. We called Angie on Saturday morning and she started to “work” on me, did I mention we live in Colorado? by that night I was moving around without even thinking about the pain, prior to that the pain level was at a 10. Sunday I woke up and it was at a 3. To me that was incredible! I still have days when I over do it but Angie has helped so much and the pain level is decreasing all the time.
I do believe that there are alternatives to the whole Pharmaceutical madness and have become a firm believer in Angie and Energetic Body Scan and Balancing.

JK I. – Greeley, Colorado