I have known Angie for several years as a student but recently, she has taught me many new things.

I have been working with alternative medicine for many years, specifically in the field of herbs.  Angie helped me to make the link between the work that I was physically doing with my work and the energetic connection to the work as well.  She has helped me to engage in the energetic healing that compliments herbal medicine so well.

Angie has helped me with “energy clearing” on several occasions.  It was one in particular that was really great to witness.  One of my kids had been sick with what appeared to be the “flu”.  She had a fever all night and the next day stayed in bed all day long, not eating, only drinking herbal teas.  A 4-year-old child who is this immobile must be very sick. So I asked Angie to help out along with my herbal treatments.  After Angie cleared her, she began to ask for food and eat, get up and  move around and by the end of the night, about 2 hours later, she was running and playing.  The next day was back to normal.

Angie is a wonderful person with an enormous heart and genuine intent for the greater good. I believe anyone can benefit from working with Angie whether it’s healing or learning, as she has much to offer.  I would suggest a session with Angie to anyone looking to open their mind and body to a very basic and natural way to connect with your own body and mind for better health.

Nicole C. – MEd. Master Herbalist – The Herbal Experience