I was referred to Angie Bergen and Wellness SOULutions by a mutual friend.  Having worked with Reiki and other energetic healing methods in the past I was quite comfortable with the premise of her work.

I was a bit hesitant at 1st in working with Angie.  After our first session together my mind was eased. Working with Angie on several health and emotional issues has also brought greater clarity in my understanding of both myself and the workings of universal energies as a whole.  I have learned several skills to seek out the root causes of physical symptoms including chronic fibromyalgia pain and acute kidney difficulties.  Allopathic medicine has given me some relief of many of my symptoms but has little to offer in terms of a cure.   Similarly other energy healing has not yet taken me as far as the time Angie and I have spent together.  I have better success in alleviating my discomfort by taking time out to use the skills and insights that Angie has given me.

I did enjoy Angie’s down to earth approach in determining the underlying problems I had struggled with for many years now.  While her kind heart was obvious each time we spoke or wrote to each other, Angie also showed wisdom and professionalism.  I rarely find this balance elsewhere.

I have taken a new perspective in my life and how I see events happening around me.  My closest friends have seen changes in me and I have told them about Wellness SOULutions.  With my positive results, and the changes my friends have seen, they are considering working with Angie as well.

As of the writing of this testimonial, Angie and I have worked together for a few months with good success.  I am planning to continue our work together.  I would not say at this point that I have experienced a full cure to my health problems but I have made more progress in these months than at other times in my life.

Pamela B. ~ Aurora, Colorado