Your Healthy Holiday Body

4 week Group Coaching

November 7th – December 5th, 2019

Love the Holidays, but NOT the stress around what to eat, what to wear and how to manage your energy?

 Imagine Yourself:

  • Slipping into your favorite holiday dress and skinny jeans this season feeling confident in your body
  • Avoiding the dreaded and typical 7-10 lbs. Holiday weight gain
  • Being in total control of your sugar cravings. Sugar will no longer be making decisions for you!
  • Being totally present with others, feeling revitalized, healthy and full of energy
  • Walking into any room feeling better than you have in years
  • Changing your relationship with sugar forever
  • Starting the New Year Resolution FREE!

The Healthy Holiday Body Coaching Program is unlike mainstream diet programs.

Over the course of our month together, you’ll effortlessly shift your existing eating habits, so you consciously make wiser choices to support your health.

There are no calorie restrictions or strict meal plans to stick to. This is not a test of your willpower. As you develop new powerful habits, you’ll naturally curb your craving for sugary junk food.

You have the insights needed to overcome challenges and upgrade your life.

You have all the answers within yourself!

I’m an expert at bringing that knowledge to the forefront and then guiding you to creating the habit changes you’ll need to make a transformative, lasting difference to your life.

Your Healthy Holiday Body will give you all the tools you’ll need to stay in control over the holidays, avoid extra weight gain and stay on track with your health goals…all while enjoying yourself during the Holidays.

Keep following the principles you’ll learn throughout our month together and you’ll even lose weight going into the New Year! How awesome is that????

Is the time right for you to join the fun, learning and sharing….and stay completely in control of your health this holiday season?

How the Program works:

  • 4 Live Zoom Coaching to gain all the tools and tips you’ll need for your health and success
  • Ongoing support, collaboration, and fun in our private Facebook group
  • Simple and easy Action Steps to ensure your progress
  • Easy, Step-By-Step Healthy recipes for convenience and keeping you on track for success
  • Private access to me via E-mail and FB messenger – for your support, guidance, and accountability too!

Stay Completely in control of your Food Choices this Holiday Season!

You’re totally worth it & Your Healthy Holiday Body will thank you for it!

Space is limited so don’t delay, grab your spot NOW!

Your Healthy Holiday Body

4-week Group Coaching Price

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