Angie Bergen is a Medical Intuitive that has always prided herself on helping people. Though she’s been interested in alternative healing for as long as she can remember–  whenever she got sick she headed to the health food store to find herbal remedies — her journey into Energetic Healing began in 2001 with companies involved in energetic wellness and frequencies. Now Angie works to empower others to take control of their health and wellness.

In early 2007 Angie began taking classes at UNLV with a Master Herbalist, where she learned about herbs and healing the body.  This is when she began making her own lotions and potions. She knows exactly what is in the products she makes and loves sharing them with friends and family.

In addition to practicing Body Linguistics and The Emotion Code, she is also certified in Advanced Tong Ren, Basic Theta Healing, Reiki III, and Access Consciousness Body Processes.  Angie continues to use herbal remedies and essential oils, she enjoys reading, learning and practicing other healing modalities. For more on Angie’s certifications, visit her Training and Certifications page.

When she’s not helping others or mixing up homemade goodies and tinctures, Angie can be found traveling, reading, playing with her 2 miniature dachshunds – Sadie and Khloe, and spending time with her two daughters.