What to do when life doesn’t go as planned!

Have you ever had a big plan for your year and then it all goes sideways?

Well that’s what happened to me. That’s why I have been MIA for months (maybe you didn’t even notice because your life has gone sideways too). Though truly I hope that life is going amazingly for you. 

The past year I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my life and my business, I the past year I have gone deep in personal development and growth.   Health coaching just didn’t seem to resonate any longer. I wanted more and I wanted to give more to you, and my coaching clients.  I just knew there was more for us than losing weight and health coaching.  Yes, health is so important, if you don’t have your health it’s hard to look towards the future.  I know there IS something more to strive for.  

In January, I was ready to roll out something new.  I was so gung-ho to get started, though every time I went to move forward something would derail me.  It didn’t derail me in a bad way, it was in a growing way. I would listen to a podcast or talk with a friend and a topic would come up around personal growth and clearing the little t’s (little traumas) from my childhood.  I would listen to the intuitive nudges to get the books and I would dive deep into the exercises.  I’d get through that and then something else would come up to clear.  At times is was very emotional and I just didn’t have the band with to do anything except my own self care.  

I had asked for growth, so I really can’t complain that I got my wish.  You know the saying ” What you think about your bring about” I  just didn’t think it would go on for 10 months.  

I feel like I’m ready again to move forward, though I am taking it slow and listening to the intuitive hits I get about what the next step is.

We are all learning to find our way with this new normal, in light of the Pandemic.   I believe that many are looking for something more for their lives.  And many are wanting to grow, let go of childhood wounds and limiting beliefs.

If you too are going through a personal growth spurt and you are feeling discombobulated remember to be gentle with yourself.

If you are feeling emotional, feel the feelings and let them go. I always say “better out than in”. Some of the feelings might be really uncomfortable though not letting them go causes more pain, not only emotionally but physically.  Holding on to emotions cause physical pain in the body.  99% of all physical issues start out as emotions that haven’t been worked through. They then become trapped emotions that cause physical pain and can hold you back in your life without you even knowing. 

Journaling is always good way to get things out of your head and out of your body.  There is something about pen to paper that opens up a different dialog with yourself, then if you just think about things.  Once you start writing you will be amazed what comes out on paper.  For me solutions and awarenesses  show up that I had no idea were in my mind.

Take things slow and know that you don’t have to be there for everyone else if you are going through a rough patch. Set boundaries and take care of YOUR needs 1st. You will have more to give once you get through your challenge and you will be stronger for it.

Here are a few books that I’ve read I the last year that have had a huge impact on my life, so I thought I’d share them with you. 

1.  Home Coming by John Bradshaw
     Reclaiming and healing your inner child  (This was the most profound for me)

2.  The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D.

      Brain, mind, and body in the healing of trauma 
3.   I Am Enough by Marisa Peer
      Mark your mirror and change your life

4.  Tell Yourself a Better Lie by Marissa Peer
      Use the power of Rapid Transformational Therapy to edit your story and rewrite your life. 

5.   Decoding Your Emotional Blue Print by Judy Wilkins-Smith.
      A powerful guide to transformation through disentangling Multigenerational patterns 

Here’s to YOUR growth!

WTF! What’s Going on?

Hi,  Angie here.

I’m curious has there been a time when things are going really well in your life?

Your way of eating is going well, you are at a weight that works for you, and your clothes fit great, you have a clear head, you have a tone of energy, and you feel relaxed.  Life is going along GREAT!

Then something happens that turns your life upside down, or you just feel stress and you have no control over what going on.

You’re like WTF!  What’s going on?

I teach my clients to listen to their bodies and eat foods that give them energy, change their lifestyle habits, and practice self-care.

I followed my own advice until I didn’t!

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I ate a LOT of cheese and my easy go-to foods.  I was busy and was eating the same sorts of foods weekly, mostly because they were easy and I liked them.  Because it was the holidays I gave myself permission to indulge in a few extra sweet treats.  But then I continued eating little extra bites of those sweet treats here and there, not even realizing how much I was actually eating on a daily basis because I was not being mindful.    It really wasn’t about how I was eating, it was what I was eating; sugar and gluten.  Things I know my body doesn’t like and I normally don’t even eat them.  I was eating the processed sugary things on a more consistent basis without thinking about it and what it was doing to my body.

I had become complacent without even realizing it or even thinking about it.  I stopped being mindful; I was going through my day not paying any sort of attention.

Then the end of December I started having gut issues, bloating, gas, and inflammation.  I felt huge through my mid-section and was constipated.  The biggest thing I noticed was the new smaller sized pants I had purchased in November were starting to get tight around my middle. I was gaining weight!  I’m thinking, “Why is this happening? I haven’t changed the way I eat or what I ate.”  I was so uncomfortable and the gas pains made it really painful by the end of the day.  I was beginning to get scared that I had colon cancer or some horrible disease and I was going to die at 59.

Have you ever gone to the dark place?  You go all sideways because you don’t know what’s going on with your body or life?

I felt great until I didn’t!

The beginning of February, I went to my Dr., my weight was up 5 lbs in a little over a month and my thyroid tests changed and not for the better and on top of that I had candida (yeast overgrowth) in my gut.  The sugar and all the cheese I was eating were feeding the candida. Oh, and did I mention I was drinking my fair share of alcohol because of course, it WAS THE HOLIDAYS!  Oh and the stress! I had a lot of stress then also!

I’m curious, do you too give yourself permission to overeat and drink or eat things you don’t normally eat just because it’s the Holiday?

In March I started a Functional Nutrition Digestive Course and all of a sudden it hit me, (ok I’m a slow learner sometimes) that all the dairy, sweet treats, and stress were affecting my digestive system.  And autoimmune issues are a gut issue, I was diagnosed about 2 years ago with Hashimoto’s.  It didn’t help that I was eating the same foods week after week.  They were easy meals to make and prep, I was busy, so I could just grab them and go.

So now my gut was compromised and I wasn’t getting the proper nutrition because I wasn’t getting variety in my diet.

Lets fast forward to April,  here I am on Day 15 of the Autoimmune Paleo Diet, which is: no dairy, no alcohol, no sugar, no legumes (beans) and no gluten. These 5 things cause inflammation in the body.  Also on the Autoimmune Paleo are no nightshades, which are; tomatoes, pepper, eggplant or watermelon.

You may be thinking what the heck do you get to eat?

Really there is still a lot.  I get protein from meat, fats from avocado, coconut oil, and coconut milk, lots of veggies, sweet potatoes, fruit, nuts, and seeds.   I don’t feel deprived at all.  Next week I will eliminate eggs, a lot of people are sensitive to eggs, especially people with autoimmune issues.  Not sure if I am or not, I’ve NEVER given up eggs.  I will be eliminating these inflammatory foods for 30 days or more.

Did you know that there is such a thing as delayed sensitivity to foods?  You might eat, say eggs on Sunday and have a reaction on Wednesday. Pretty wild, right?  That makes it more difficult to figure out what your body is sensitive to.

I’m completely eliminating these inflammatory foods for at least 30 days, then I’ll slowly reintroduce them. It’s the only way to know for sure if my body is sensitive to any of these foods. One at a time I will reintroduce a food and I will pay close attention to how I feel after eating this food. Do I get; congested, constipated, rash, lethargic. It could be a host of symptoms so I will pay close attention.

I have a choice then; I can either stop eating them and feel good or eat them and suffer the consequences.

I have also been very diligent about chewing my food thoroughly now (learned how important it is in my Functional Digestive course).  I don’t have enough stomach acid so my food is not being digested properly, which means I’m am probably not getting the nutrition I need to fuel my body, cells, and mitochondria.  It’s no wonder I’m tired all the time and have NO energy.

I have added homemade fermented foods for the probiotics.  I’ve made sauerkraut, Kim Chi, fermented cabbage with red beets and my new favorite it coconut yogurt (it’s great with berries and in my morning smoothie)

What I have noticed in 15 days.  The 1st few days not much, after the 2nd or 3rd day I started getting a lot of muscle pain, headaches, congestion, brain fog, agitation, anxiety and lack of concentration. Pretty sure this was the detox process.

The past few days I have also noticed less bloating and I don’t feel as big as a house through my mid-section.   The congestion and brain fog are finally starting to lift.  Today is the 1st day that I haven’t been all over the map, I can concentrate and my body doesn’t feel lethargic like it has for the past 2 months.

I had become complacent about my self-care; I wasn’t exercising like I used to, I had stopped journaling, and I really had stopped being mindful of how and what I ate.  It is so easy to fall back into those old (not good for me) habits.

Do you ever do that? You just revert to your old way of being and not even notice.

When I stopped putting myself 1st, you know the “I’m so busy with all the holiday stuff?” It was so easy to go back to my old way of being without even noticing it.   It was comfortable, it was something I knew, I have done it most of my life.  Did I like it? NO! But I knew it; I didn’t have to think about it.

Habits can take some time to change and you have to be mindful and practice them over and over until the habit just becomes what you do and who you are.  Like when you 1st learn to drive a car, in the beginning, you really have to pay attention to where the brake and gas pedals are, how much pressure to apply to the brakes to stop, how hard to push on the accelerator so you don’t go over the speed limit or ram into the person in front of you, on top of that watching the drivers around you.  After you got in the car and drove day after day remembering all you have to do, one day it just became automatic.  I bet now you get in the car and drive without thinking about all that you have to do.  You just do it now!

That’s the same with your health, food and eating habits, you have to be mindful and practice them on a daily basis and sometimes learning new habits means letting something go that has been a comfort or coping mechanism.

Do you struggle with a health issue and don’t know where to turn or even go about betting healthy?  Do you struggle with your weight and body image issues?

My job as a Functional Health Coach is to assist you to make choices that are in alignment with what’s most important to you in regards to your health and weight. Where we will look at you as a whole, we look at all areas of your life.   And I help you navigate your way to where you want to be.  The entire time having your back and reminding of the small habit changes you are creating.  I’m your support system and I’ll kick you in the butt if you start slacking.

I invite you to set up a Totally Body Transformation Breakthrough Session with me, and let’s talk about how I can help you create a healthy you and get you to the weight you want. Feel FABULOUS again!!!

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To Your Health!

5 Ways to Nourish yourself inside

Angie, here to share some out-of-the-box ways to think about nourishing your body, mind, and spirit…

But wait, why am I even using the word “nourishment” if I’m not talking about food?

Well, that’s a great question!

The reason I am using the word nourishment outside of its regular foodie context is that we often find ourselves so over-focused on food that we forget about all the other simple and wonderful ways to nourish ourselves.

What does it mean to nourish “myself” without food?

We forget that taking a walk in a forest with our dog is calming and rejuvenating.

That lying on your bed listening to your favorite song while feeling the breeze kissing your face is soothing and relaxing.

That feeling the grass tickle your feet as you watch the clouds drift by is as good as meditation!

We actually “eat” with our senses all day… we “consume” our environment through touch, feel, taste, sight, and sound.

Here are 5 ways to nourish your senses, starting today…

  • Relationships: Seek out and nurture relationships with friends, family, and lovers that make you feel good about yourself and say goodbye to the ones that drain your energy.
  • Environment: Remember that your environment affects your mood and energy. So if you are stuck in an office all day staring at a wall, it’s time to kick off your shoes and run wild through a park so you can feel sunshine on your back and the breeze on your skin.
  • Connections: We spend so much of our time alone at our computers or behind high walls and yet it’s so important for our spirits to make connections with others. So join a club or an online Meetup and make new connections or make a date with your favorite people.  Get out and be with Humans!
  • Sleep: There is no way around it—there is just nothing quite like sleep to rejuvenate your body and restore your entire system to function better.   Sleep is where all our healing and rejuvenation happens.
  • Movement: Movement sparks your endorphins, which make you feel energized and excited and keeps the oxygen circulating through your system so you can feel refreshed and alive. Get down to your favorite music or find an activity that you enjoy that gets you moving.

What do I do now?

In my health coaching practice, I help my clients realize that there is more to life than food! I call the most important parts of our lives “THE BIG 5”—these need as much love and attention as eating!

If you are tired of feeling like your life is lacking excitement and meaning and you want to find a way to feel nourished in all areas of your life, then click here now to schedule a time to talk with me today so I can help you feel more energized and alive than ever before!

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To your health!


How to keep your New Years Resolutions all year long

Well, here we are at the beginning of March, OMG! Where does the time go?   Seems like it was just Christmas.

I’m curious did you make a New Year’s resolutions this year? How did it turn out? Are you still committed to that resolution?

If you’re like most people, you didn’t get very far. In fact, only about 8% of people keep their New Years resolutions. That means that 92% of people fail! WOW! That’s a huge number.

There are so many reasons for this, but it can be summed up like this: Changing our behavior is hard, and most people don’t know how to do it successfully. As far as resolutions go, many people choose to focus on their health during the New Year. They want to lose weight, be more active for their family or just have more energy. Despite these important reasons for wanting to get healthy, the majority of people still fail.

This is a big problem because it is now clear that the number one cause of the chronic disease epidemic and the rise of obesity is not genetic, but behavioral – people are making the wrong choices about diet, physical activity, sleep and other lifestyle factors that impact their health.

Diabetes and obesity rates are on the rise among adults and children. Autoimmune diseases have also dramatically increased worldwide.

And a recent study showed that as a nation, 86% of our healthcare dollars are spent on the treatment of chronic diseases. Another study found that fewer than 5% of adults engage in top health behaviors, and only 20% of adults are thriving. WOW, only 20%?


It’s tempting to think that we can solve these health problems simply by better educating people about the health changes they need to make. Though knowledge alone is not enough to support lasting behavioral changes otherwise we would be doing it and we wouldn’t have all these health issues in the United States.

Most people know that eating badly, not exercising, not getting enough sleep and engaging in other unhealthy lifestyle habits are not good for them. But we continue these unhealthy behaviors anyway. Or we chase quick fixes that don’t last for more than a few weeks, such as a strict diet, counting calories, counting macros and a lot of restrictions and or even extreme exercise programs.

What about doctors? Shouldn’t they be the ones to lead this change?

Most Doctors don’t have the training or the time to help people in making behavioral changes that last. They tell you to lose weight or change your diet, then send you on your way. You leave the Dr’s office with no clue how to make those changes.

If more information and more doctors won’t solve the problem, what will?


A Health Coach

People want to feel good, avoid chronic disease and live a long happy life. They want to see their children and grandchildren grow up and have the energy to play with them. They want to perform better at work, enjoy their relationships, feel good in their body, and be healthy enough to get the most out of their life.

But there’s a big difference between wanting the benefits of being healthy and consistently doing the behaviors that lead to health and weight loss!

What’s the role of a Health Coach?

Health coaches work to empower and support you to achieve your health goals through lasting lifestyle and behavior changes.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase your energy, get a health issue under control or to develop better nutrition, a health coach takes the time to listen to your concerns, helps you discover where and why you are struggling, and supports you to figure out exactly what works for YOU and YOUR body.

A Health Coach:

  • Has thorough knowledge and expertise.
  • Will hold the bigger picture for you.
  • Will provide you with emotional support
  • Is in your corner
  • Will customize a plan specifically for you and your success.
  • Focuses on your whole being (All areas of your life)
  • Will retrain the way you think
  • Help you overcome barriers
  • Will teach you to become self-reliant
  • Will hold you accountable
  • Will teach you to make Health a lifestyle. It will be just what you do!

Are you ready to take responsibility for your own health and wellness?

If you are and want to learn more, let’s talk!

If you are looking to lose weight, gain more energy, or take back control of your health, I have an invitation for you. Take a few minutes and sign up for a Total Body Transformation Breakthrough session with me, it’s FREE and will take about 60 minutes of your time.

In this 60-minute call we will:

  • Uncover what’s been stopping you, from having what you say you want.
  • Develop a powerful vision for what a Total Body Transformation looks like for you.
  • Discover which food and lifestyle habit are zapping your fabulousness and what to do about it.
  • Get crystal clear on a step-by-step plan to Totally Transform your Body and have you feel Fabulous in 90 days or less.

I am passionate about helping you not only gain clarity on what you want but understand how to make it a Real Possibility and then Reality for YOU!


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2 easy ways to calm your body & mind…

Angie here to share with you my two favorite and super easy ways to calm your body and mind throughout the day in order to make space for more energy!

But first, why am I talking about calming your body and mind?

We all want to have more energy right? We all want to feel so great that we leap out of bed with fat smiles on our faces ready to greet the day with applause.

But how can we even get this energy boost without first making space for it in our bodies and minds?

Good question!

Think of calming your body and mind like tilling the soil and planting the seeds before they SPROUT with abundant energy like magic beanstalks that reach for the sky! Because that’s all you will be doing here—making space for new energy to flow!

So what are my 2 easy ways to calm your body and your mind?

  • STEP 1: Put both your feet firmly on the ground, sit up straight with your shoulders pulled back to open your heart, close your eyes and take ten full, DEEP breaths in and out… in and out… in and out…

When you open your eyes NOTICE how different your body feels. Do you feel calmer? Clearer? More relaxed?

Well, that was STEP 1! Now that you have calmed your body, are you ready for STEP 2? Don’t worry… it’s just as easy…

You’ve heard of positive affirmations, right?

Well, I believe they actually work! Why? Because your body is not going to do what you tell it to do unless your mind believes it first! (Or you trick your mind into believing it)

  • STEP 2: Think of a short, sweet sentence that I like to call your motivational MANTRA so that you can instantly become your own energy-boosting guru…

Here are some ENERGIZING examples to get you started:

  • I choose to feel energized!
  • I breathe in energy and exhale stress
  • I am committed to energizing myself

Choose one that resonates with you or change up the words, write it on a sticky note and stick it on top of your computer or bathroom mirror. Then read it or memorize it and say it out loud to yourself six times today and just watch what happens…

How will calming my body and mind give me more energy?

Let me put it this way… water will not flow well through a blocked up pipe. Similarly, your energy or life force is not going to flow well if you’re all tensed up, agitated or on guard.

So, with STEP 1, you are learning to quiet your mind, calm your own nervous system and SAVE energy for you to use later when you really need it!

And with STEP 2 you will be amazed at the results over time if you say your mantra over and over again. You may even find that by the end of day one your mind will start to believe it and your body will follow!

Why? Because that’s the way our minds work! They start to believe what we tell them to believe. It really is that simple.

What do I do now?

If you’ve had enough of trying to get through your day with low energy, then click here now to schedule a time to talk with me about other super simple ways to boost your energy today.

I will help you come up with more easy ways to calm your body and mind that are just right for you so you can live each day with tons of new energy!


To your health!


Stepping out of my fear of writing.

I have wanted to write a blog or weekly newsletter for a few years now. I have a ton of ideas. I think, ok today is the day I’m going write! As I get the thought to write I freeze and my mind goes totally blank. I get a sick feeling and heaviness in my chest. What makes me think I can write? Who would ever want to read what I write? I’m no expert. I’ve even had people tell me I should write a book about my experiences dealing with a Narcissistic husband and my journey after divorce. It all sounds great, until I have to start writing.   I have  idea where to start or even how to put it all together.

My oldest daughter is an amazing writer; she has published poems, has written plays, wrote essays to get her into the best colleges and has written blogs. She tells me to just start writing. I’ll write something then have her read it for me. She says “mom, this doesn’t even sound like you, you need to write like you talk.” So, I go back and rewrite and rewrite it might take me 3 days to get something that sounds half way decent.

 What’s the BIG deal? Why can’t I put words to paper? What is wrong with me? I read other peoples posts and blogs and it seems so easy for them. Words just seem to flow from other people.   I have spent a lot of time comparing myself to other people’s writing, and then I feel bad about myself because I just CAN’T do it. OR don’t know how. Guess I’m just not creative that way. Really! What’s the matter with me and why am I making it such a BIG deal? Do I need therapy just to clear the block to writing????

 Even as I am writing this I am feeling emotional, and tears are welling up in my eyes. I just know that I am meant to write and share my experiences. The thoughts about writing just won’t leave my mind.

When Chelsee came home to visit a few weeks ago. She said “Mom you should make little videos, maybe that would be easier for you than writing; things you shared with us growing up, like how to ground yourself, pull your fragmented pieces back into your body, or how you taught us how to make headaches and pain disappear by changing it’s shape and color. What about how to make kombucha, or make homemade lotions?

That sparked an idea.  Why don’t I just share with people MY experiences of things I have found useful in my life and on my journey? Maybe something that I have learned may be useful to others. I love alternative healing. I have taken classes on; herbal medicine, essential oils, making my own lotions and potions. I have gotten certifications in Energy healing, Reiki, Tong Ren, Dowsing and the Emotion code. I have combined the things I love and the things that work into my own healing practice that I use in my business Wellness SOULutions.   I’m now learning about the importance of journaling, meditation, exercise and self-care.

Maybe others would like to know more about the things I’ve learned?

I love helping people and what better way to help them, then to share what I know and what I found has worked. I don’t need to be an expert to share. I’m not here to fix anybody, (though boy have I tried doing that in the past). That is also something I have learned, we are all here on our own journey and everyone needs to figure out their own lives. I can be here for support and offer advice when asked. I’m still figuring out my life as an empty-nester and divorcee.

I’m excited now about writing, and still a little scared.   Even writing this blog was pretty easy and the words flowed. Can’t even remember that last time that happened, actually I don’t think it’s EVER happened. Maybe writing is just for (ME), just getting things on paper and out of my head & body, so it no longer has a hold on me. If something I write helps just one person that would make me happy!  We may each have our own paths, but we can be here to support and love one another. We all need connection.

I wonder what awesomeness will come out of me putting myself out there in the world?

If you are interested in following me on my journey and learning wellness tips, Please sign up for my newsletter.  Maybe you’ll get insights from the mistakes I’ve made.  And maybe you will learn something new, or some tidbit that will help you out on our own journey.

Take Advantage of Spring Energies and Renew Your Body

“Spring is a time of transition from the dormancy of winter to the promise of new life, rebirth, growth and change and infinite possibilities. Like the new green shoots that sprout through the long dormant, cold soil of winter, spring is the time of active energy.” – Spring Forest Qigong
The ritual of spring cleaning seems to be one deeply imbedded in our culture. Whether it was a practice you grew up with in your household or something you saw on TV, it’s an idea we all seem to be familiar with. April showers bring May flowers and everyone starts calling in the woodland creatures to help clean the cottage.

While there are a lot of wonderful benefits to tidying up and take spring as an opportunity to let go of possessions that no longer serve us, shouldn’t we be treating out bodies to the same period of detox and renewal?

Here are some of my favorite ways to take advantage of Spring energies. 

Sunshine and fresh air. I try to spend my mornings in the backyard, even if it’s just for a few minutes while I drink my coffee or write in my journal. In addition to being refreshing, it helps me get enough Vitamin D.

More sunshine also makes for excellent sun tea! Fill a pitcher up with water and some tea bags and after and hour or so (depending on how warm it is/ if it’s directly in the sun) you can pour yourself a glass of iced tea.

Fresh Veggies. I planted tomatoes, jalapeños, and kale in my little garden earlier this year and they’re growing like crazy! I haven’t had any jalapeños or tomatoes yet, but I’ve used some of my kale in a salad.

If you don’t have a garden of your own, even just a small basil plant (or your favorite herb) that can sit in your backyard or on a windowsill can bring some radiant plant energy into your life and encourage you to bring fresh plants into your diet. I know how hard it can be to eat well in our busy lives, but eating something you’ve grown is extra satisfying!

The truth is that these things are good at any time of year, but after a period of dormancy or stagnation (whether it’s an emotional winter or a literal one) it is especially important to nourish ourselves so we can flourish.

To that end, I have two special offers for you today.

Spring is a wonderful time to let go of trapped emotions and open your soul to growth and healing. To celebrate this, for a limited time you can get my ‘Creating Health: A Guided Meditation’ for free, or set your own price— pay whatever feels right for you and immediately receive a digital download. This free meditation is meant to help your body heal, no matter where you are in your health journey.

I’m also thrilled to tell you that for the month of May I will be offering four 30 minute one-on-one emotional clearing session for $125. Typically four sessions would be $240, but in the spirit of new growth I’m offering them to you for almost half price. Much like Spring Cleaning helps you to get all the cobwebs out of your house and get rid of possessions you no longer need, emotional clearing is an equally important way to release trapped emotions and turn your emotional baggage over to the universe.

I am so excited for us to go through this spring renewal together! 

Celebrate spring

four 30 minute one-on-one emotional clearing session for $125.

Celebrate Healing Spring Energies

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