Rave Reviews

Health Coaching Rave Reviews:

I am really enjoying the time I spend with Angie. She creates a really safe space where I can be me, asks really powerful questions with the result that I’ve realized some big things about what drives me to bad habits. As a result of working with her, I’ve made some big changes to how I eat and am on my way to achieving my goals.
Lesley P. – UK
Working with Angie was so impactful for me, this program totally changed my relationship with food and with goal setting in relation to food, health, and my everyday life. In 12 weeks I felt like I was eating differently, making decision differently and better-prioritizing working out and meal prepping. The best part was that it never felt hard or like I was depriving myself, the changes were easy and gradual but powerful! This program is for anyone and everyone and Angie makes you feel so awesome about your victories along the way. –
Kaity W. – Las Vegas, NV
Thank you, Angie, for opening my eyes to realize how that sugar devil yaps in my ear every day! I have tools to talk back! I now don’t feel worthless when I stumble and realize I am not alone. I feel freed from the judgment of myself to make the right choice for my health.
Donna J. – Las Vegas, NV
“I love the way Angie is a real person with real experiences with kicking the Sugar Habit! I loved her personal examples. She made the possibility of dropping sugar from the menu feel real, and doable, every step of the way.”
Rebekah L. – Boise, ID 
Participating in the 7-day challenge was eye-opening. I have conversations in my mind every day; every meal and just about every hour about food! Yikes. How did food hijack my mind? LOL. Angie brings a great perspective and enlightenment to our relationship with food. The 7 days were well spent and I have tools now to use the rest of my life. Thanks, Angie!
Doreen Z. – Del Ray Beach, FL


Energy Healing Rave Reviews:

I was referred to Angie Bergen and Wellness SOULutions by a mutual friend.  Having worked with Reiki and other energetic healing methods in the past I was quite comfortable with the premise of her work.

I was a bit hesitant at 1st in working with Angie.  After our first session together my mind was eased. Working with Angie on several health and emotional issues has also brought greater clarity in my understanding of both myself and the workings of universal energies as a whole.  I have learned several skills to seek out the root causes of physical symptoms including chronic fibromyalgia pain and acute kidney difficulties.  Allopathic medicine has given me some relief of many of my symptoms but has little to offer in terms of a cure.   Similarly, other energy healing has not yet taken me as far as the time Angie and I have spent together.  I have better success in alleviating my discomfort by taking time out to use the skills and insights that Angie has given me.

I did enjoy Angie’s down to earth approach in determining the underlying problems I had struggled with for many years now.  While her kind heart was obvious each time we spoke or wrote to each other, Angie also showed wisdom and professionalism.  I rarely find this balance elsewhere.

I have taken a new perspective in my life and how I see events happening around me.  My closest friends have seen changes in me and I have told them about Wellness SOULutions.  With my positive results and the changes my friends have seen, they are considering working with Angie as well.

As of the writing of this testimonial, Angie and I have worked together for a few months with good success.  I am planning to continue our work together.  I would not say at this point that I have experienced a full cure for my health problems but I have made more progress in these months than at other times in my life.

Pamela B. ~ Aurora, Colorado

Angie has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to health and wellness. Her energetic body scan was absolutely amazing! There were a few issues that were happening when I came to Angie and one of them was I had recently sprained my ankle and was still experiencing pain from it. Immediately after our session, the pain had gone away and I was able to flex my foot and walk on it without a problem!

There were several areas Angie discovered during the body scan that needed alignment and she was extremely helpful in educating me about these areas and pinpointing exactly what was causing the problems. After the clearing and balancing, I was extremely energized and very light in my body. Even during the session I can feel my body healing and releasing toxins. Over the next several days I continued to feel the effects of our session as I began achieving day by day more clarity, energy, and focus because of all the toxins that had been released.

It’s such a true joy to work with Angie! She has so much passion for energy healing and is constantly keeping up with the latest techniques so that she can offer you the best care. You definitely will be impressed by her expertise and I highly recommend that you receive continuous energetic balancing from Angie to keep your body, mind, and Spirit healthy, whole and happy!

Christina Ambubuyog
Intuition Coach and Clairvoyant
Las Vegas, NV


My experience with energy balancing had been quite limited before I started working with Angie, usually with local healers. While I was in visiting with Angie and some friends in Las Vegas, we had some time to discuss what we had been doing in the homeopathic area. I was fascinated to hear of Angie’s ongoing work in her energy practice.
I had been experiencing some loss of energy and Angie offered to do some energy scanning to see what was going on.
Within a few minutes, she had identified half a dozen issues and then we decided to do some more extensive screening and balancing.
I experienced improvements very quickly. The most notable effect was a calming of my sleep pattern (which had been very erratic). Before I returned to the East Coast, I was sleeping much more soundly and as Angie explained, once your body starts to get back into balance, then everything starts to calm down and get back into more regular patterns.
Since then, I have worked with Angie on an ongoing basis (most of the time remotely) and my general level of health has improved significantly, even when I wasn’t aware that an issue existed. As well as the diagnosis and rebalancing, Angie has a lot of knowledge in many areas of alternative healing and when all these talents are combined, the results are truly impressive.
I would recommend Angie and her skills to anyone looking for answers that traditional Western doctors may not be able to provide, or in addition to their existing treatment, or in my case, as the primary source of help and assistance.
The major improvements I experienced were a better ability to rest/sleep; more consistent energy levels during the day (less early morning crashes); and a general ability to deal with stress better.
If anyone has questions, please ask Angie for my info and I would be happy to chat.

Charles M.
Hollywood, FL

Being a nurse, I was skeptical at first.  Angie worked on my cat that was on its death-bed.  After she worked on him, he did, in fact, get better.  So I started to call her when I had ailments and noticed that I would start to feel better too.  She would give me some instructions on what I should do and I would start to feel better or just forget that I had a pain somewhere.  I highly recommend participating with Angie on Energetic Body scans and balancing.

Annette K.
Kailua, Hawaii

I have known Angie for several years as a student but recently, she has taught me many new things.

I have been working with alternative medicine for many years, specifically in the field of herbs.  Angie helped me to make the link between the work that I was physically doing with my work and the energetic connection to the work as well.  She has helped me to engage in the energetic healing that compliments herbal medicine so well.

Angie has helped me with “energy clearing” on several occasions.  It was one, in particular, that was really great to witness.  One of my kids had been sick with what appeared to be the “flu”.  She had a fever all night and the next day stayed in bed all day long, not eating, only drinking herbal teas.  A 4-year-old child who is this immobile must be very sick. So I asked Angie to help out along with my herbal treatments.  After Angie cleared her, she began to ask for food and eat, get up and move around and by the end of the night, about 2 hours later, she was running and playing.  The next day was back to normal.

Angie is a wonderful person with an enormous heart and genuine intent for the greater good. I believe anyone can benefit from working with Angie whether it’s healing or learning, as she has much to offer.  I would suggest a session with Angie to anyone looking to open their mind and body to a very basic and natural way to connect with your own body and mind for better health.

Nicole C., MEd. Master Herbalist
The Herbal Experience

My name is J and recently something happened that I felt a need to share with anyone that would listen. I’ve known Angie for several years now and been well aware of the Energetic Body Scan and Balancing that she has helped others with. Even though it seemed to help others I remained skeptical. That has all changed!! Let me back up a little. For the last 8 or 9 months, I’ve been experiencing a great deal of pain in my feet and ankles. Like most guys, I felt it was just something I was going to have to live with. Then the pain got so it was interrupting my life, it took longer to get around in the mornings. Work was more difficult. Even the drive home from work was painful.
I made an appointment with my family physician and thought I would soon be on the road to recovery. All I got was discouraged. The doctor took some x-rays and diagnosed me with Peripheral Neuropathy (oversensitive nerve endings is what I got out of it) and let’s put you on Lyrica for the rest of your life. This was not going to work for me so it was time to try something different. My Wife suggested we Call Angie.
In all the years I’ve known Angie I’ve always found her easy to talk with and very attentive and more so when trying to determine the best course of action to get me some relief. We called Angie on Saturday morning and she started to “work” on me, did I mention we live in Colorado? by that night I was moving around without even thinking about the pain, prior to that the pain level was at a 10. Sunday I woke up and it was at a 3. To me that was incredible! I still have days when I overdo it but Angie has helped so much and the pain level is decreasing all the time.
I do believe that there are alternatives to the whole Pharmaceutical madness and have become a firm believer in Angie and Energetic Body Scan and Balancing.

Greeley, Colorado

I was fortunate to have Angie assist me on a couple of occasions and now she will be assisting many more. The first time Angie help me was not an assessment or session, I had a specific complaint, an annoying pain that popped up while I was attending an event. With Angie’s Energetic Body Scan and Balancing technique the pain was quickly cleared. More recently I was experiencing lingering chest congestion and located crystal deposits in the lung points on my feet. Angie’s assessment found a number of areas to balance and the crystal deposits disappeared. Thank-you, Angie.

Lorraine E.
Body Talk Practitioner

David, my beloved husband began feeling bad on the 4th of July. By the night of July 12th he had stopped eating and getting out of bed and had extreme sweating. I was concerned that a virus attacked his heart.
I Facebooked Angie since she was out of town and I asked her to do a distant session on him. The next morning he began feeling better and by July 14th  he was fully on the road to recovery.

I believe Angie’s work saved David’s life…I am so grateful.  I believe in vibrations! Good Vibrations!

Regina Murphy L.M.T., EST Master 

Founder of Emotional Sound Techniques, and Author of “The Elusive Gift of Tragedy”

What Jon P. says about the 30 Day Clearing:
I have had sessions with Angie for her Body Scan and Emotional Clearing services which are amazing, but this testimonial is for the 30-day clearing program. when I first signed up for it I was a little skeptical but because of the success of the other programs, I decided to try it and boy I am so glad I did. Some of the benefits I have noticed are, the healing of a  reoccurring tooth and gum infection that I have had for many years cleared up, a  chronic pain that I have had in my upper back disappeared, during a very tough cold and flu season I did not get sick once and I have so much more energy, I could go on and on but do your self a favor and try this out you wont be disappointed.